Monday, May 03, 2004

Check it out & compare these websites claiming to bring some balance to the media "culture" wars.

First is the newest:

A good example of their reporting is:

in which a columnist (Linda Chavez) is called to task for lying about calling John Kerry a "communist apologist". One can read Chavez's column, her denial, and then judge for oneself as to her honesty.

Contrast the 'just the facts' approach of with it's well established 'conservative' counterpart,, which seems like it's more about editorializing than factual information.

Media research did post a decent description (and partial transcript) of Ted Koppel's recent Nightline program in which he read the names of our soldiers that died in Iraq.

The contributers seem to bend over backwards to read into Koppel's comments sinister liberal policy agendas, but one can read for themselves Koppel's statements in support of our soldiers, and judge for oneself.


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